November 2020

The NTV TV channel has successfully completed a project to organize a corporate archive of the past broadcast – a single Smart Air portal for various divisions of the TV channel.

Using the Smart Air tools, employees have access to recordings of on-air signals from 12 time zones linked to a detailed on-air schedule. Display of the growing schedule of the current day and access to archived data is provided from a single ergonomic interface.

Convenient search allows you to easily and quickly find any broadcast event – an ad block, an announcement, etc. A workflow is implemented for quickly exporting the necessary fragment of the recording to a video file or forming a URL link for quick discussion with colleagues. When exporting, you can select a template for overlaying additional text information.

The use of a client web application, advanced information security tools and a fully automatic workflow made it possible to ensure effective remote work of employees of several NTV departments in the context of the pandemic. At the moment, the active users of Smart Air are the air control department, the engineering department and the legal service. Our company thanks the NTV team for their help and cooperation in this project and will be happy to jointly develop the functionality of the media platform.
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