September 2018

We are celebrating the third successful installation of our HTS Production solution in Europe!

On September 4, a new reality project "BAR" was launched in Ljubljana on the TV channel "PLANETA".

According to the producers' ideas, participants from all the Balkan countries live and work together in the same bar in the heart of the city and compete for the main prize.

In the project, we deployed the entire HTS Production workflow chain. Shooting takes place 24/7, with 32 cameras in 4 streams, and 96 hours of footage every day. The format includes daily episodes and 3 live broadcasts per week.

With the help of our applications, the project logs the main video streams, then rough editing of scenes, and exports ALE files to AVID.

We thank the OMEGA PRODUCTION team for working together, helping with the installation, being optimistic, and having an incredible sense of humor. The project will last until the end of January, we are rooting for success and believe in the high ratings of the show. Rate the video report from the launch!
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