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Reality project

In September 2018, the reality project BAR on the PLANETA TV channel was launched in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Original task:

We were invited to the project 3 weeks before the launch. The task was to deploy a 24/7 logging and pre-installation system in a short time. On the set, 4 streams (2 main, 2 backup) of video should be recorded, which were formed by the directors in the hardware room. The rate of the masters on the air is daily. Mounting station - Avid.

Our solution:

Due to the project start time, there was no time for experiments and improvements. Together with colleagues from Slovenia, a system was quickly deployed to launch the entire HTS Production workflow chain. A standard server with a DeckLink video capture card was selected, which recorded and stored the main video streams. The choice of the board was due to its greater fault tolerance to shooting in this format. On the set, 32 cameras were used, from the signals from which two director's programs and two auxiliary programs were formed. The LTC timecode was used for synchronization on the project.

As a result, the shooting was conducted 24/7, 4 programs were recorded, which gave 96 hours of footage every day. To ensure that this entire workflow is optimal, it has been divided into two stages. At the first stage, the recorded video was logged directly during the shooting using our HTS Logger application. At the second stage, preliminary editing was performed on the basis of logs created at the shooting stage. The work was carried out in shifts, and 4 editors were involved. After the rough editing, the EDLs of all the created scenes were formed, which were transmitted to the AVID editing stations for the final editing.

We are proud to participate in this project and thank producer Draga Polovinat for the kind words addressed to our team. She noted: "...Stability, reliability, and a positive attitude are the best words to briefly describe the experience of working with colleagues from HTS."
Thanks to the OMEGA PRODUCTION team for working together, helping during the installation, being optimistic and having an incredible sense of humor.
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