Compliance with the requirements of state authorities to control the volume, the number of ad blocks, as well as advanced analytics.
Used in the project: HTS TVM, HTS Smart Air
PD Channel One
(Program Directorate)
Since 2008, the HTS TVM control recording system has been used in the Channel One news production complex.
Applied in the project: HTS TVM
The Сhannel One DIP
(Directorate of Information Programs)
At the launch of the new RT HD broadcasting complex, the task of recording and long-term storage of the broadcast of the main RT news channels, including language versions, was set.
Applied in the project: HTS TVM
RT (Russia Today) TV channel
The HTS solution for managing the video files of the Proxy broadcast complex, which works on the Channel One, has become part of an innovative file exchange project.
Applied in the project: SmartMedia
Channel One Smart Media
At Match TV, we have completed a large-scale project to modernize the TV Monitoring police recording system.
Applied in the project: TV Monitoring, Smart Air and Smart Air Web
Match TV Modernization
Original task:
Deploy a complex of police broadcast recording for 8 SDI channels, 7 IP streams, 10 screencasts (images from monitors) and 10 audio (service conversations).
Многокамерная съемка – Оцифровка – Синхронизация – Проект монтажа
TVC Smart Air
Applied in the project: Smart Air
In 2017, VGTRK technical specialists asked us about a compact and inexpensive solution for organizing a police recording system in regional VGTRK units.
Applied in the project: HTS TVM
Regions-VGTRK — Micro-TVM
Specifically for the NTV channel, we have developed a solution for the editorial staff of the transcription and subtitling department - HTS Transcriber. The main purpose is to prepare text descriptions for the channel's journalists.
Applied in the project: HTS Transcriber
NTV – Transcript
As part of the project, a universal Smart Media portal was built, which allows producers of programs for NTV to register, describe, check the technical quality and deliver media files with programs to the channel's Program Directorate for subsequent broadcast or archiving.
Applied in the project: Smart Media
NTV Smart Media
In September, the famous project "Star Factory" was successfully launched on the MUZ-TV channel under the license of the Dutch company Endemol. We have been waiting for the launch of our favorite project for 10 years.
Applied in the project: HTS Production
Music show
"New Stars Factory"
In September 2018, the reality project BAR on the PLANETA TV channel was launched in Ljubljana (Slovenia).
Applied in the project: HTS Production
Reality project BAR
"Dom-2" - a reality show with a multi-million audience, one of the most popular in Russia and Eastern Europe.
Applied in the project: HTS Production
Reality show "Dom-2"
At the beginning of 2019, the manufacturer of the Dom-2 project came to us with an unusual request. Our long-term partners often asked for unusual solutions for their production process, but this time they reported that, in addition to filming in Moscow and the Seychelles, they are planning a shooting site on a yacht.
Applied in the project: HTS Production
Reality show "Dom-2. Yacht"
Card Ingest is an application for syncing multi-camera footage captured on various devices (professional video cameras, GoPro cameras, photo cameras, phones, etc.). At the output of the application, a ready-made project is automatically generated for further editing.
Multi-camera shooting - Digitization -Synchronization - Editing project
Shooting Technology Card Ingest
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