HTS TV Monitoring — control recording of the broadcast

Record, view, and export TV content from an unlimited number of video and audio channels

Программное обеспечение для телепроизводства
recording and checking the broadcast to track defects and technical problems, diagnosis of accidental failures
control of incidents in the hardware and the correctness of staff actions
evidence base for disputes with regulators and advertisers

10 of the 10 channels of the first multiplex trust the recording of their broadcast to TVM

Continuous 24/7 recording of an unlimited number of video, audio signals and IP streams with multiple data redundancy
recording from any source: HD and SDI channels with subtitle decoding, SCTE-104, IP streams (IP cameras, screenshots, audio channels)
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recording of teletext signals, subtitles and calculating the volume level according to the ITU-R BS 1770 standard
Storage and synchronous viewing of all media channels up to a frame
viewing of the entire group of data channels with synchronous positioning by a given timecode value
quick navigation and search through the archive by criteria: date, air time, channel name
unlimited time storage of data in various formats: H. 264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DV, Windows Media - for video; AAC or PCM - for audio

Data exporting, quick clips creating, and broadcasting TS streams

export the created set of segments to a single file; add metadata and additional information to the image
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quick export of a selected video segment with audio and save it to a standard file format: MP4, WMV, and others
broadcast TS streams to the corporate network for "live" viewing
record, store, and use text logs, rating information, and VANC transcript
calculation and recording of loudness according to the ITU-R BS.1770 standard and calculation of loudness values for the selected segment
detect, record, and display SCTE-104 tags from incoming SD and HD signals, SCTE-35 tags from incoming IP streams
Additional information
Loudness function
Working with SCTE tags
A single platform and three client applications for engineers, analysts, and general access
Open IT architecture and working from the cloud on Windows, Mac OS, and mobile platforms
Unlimited storage and synchronous playback of all streams: video, audio, IP cameras, screenshots
One platform for all
Work on any OS from the cloud
Easy viewing and storage
Record and store subtitles, volume, and regional ad insertion labels in an open database ready for integration with third-party products
Additional data
Supported formats
Ingest и Storage
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Windows Media
Required equipment
For encoding 4 HD channels
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Intel ® Xeon ® 1276v3 processor with qsv processor or equivalent


Enough local disk space, depends on the selected bitrate (for 8 MBit/sec about 80-85 GB is required per day)

One PCI-e 4x slot video capture card

ОС Windows 7, Server 2008, Server 2012
To encode the 1st HD channel
HP Z230 TW/ Xeon E3-1246v3

8GB/ 1TB/ DVD-RW Hard Drive

OS Win7 Pro + Win 8 Pro (G1X42EA#ACB)

SDI Video Capture Card
TV Monitoring is used
We have been working with HTS since about 2005, i.e. for more than 15 years. Together, we have gone from simple recording of broadcast signals to a convenient tool for analytics and working with various important production parameters – volume level, subtitle control, labels, etc.

According to the results of the long-term evolution of the system, at the moment, Smart Air means record 12 HD-SDI channels and additional IP channels (cameras, screenshots, negotiations). It also controls the "color" of SCTE labels, volume, subtitles, and for analytics, a detailed analysis of metadata is available in conjunction with the broadcast schedule. All this data is available through a convenient web interface, which has helped to effectively organize remote work of employees during the pandemic. Also, a very popular feature was the ability to automatically send a mandatory copy to the GTRF.

What can we say about the HTS team:
  • A reliable partner whose systems work for the most demanding customers.
  • A professional, experienced team that has not failed in difficult situations for all 15 years of work.
  • Willingness to refine the product to meet the new requirements of the TV channel and the company's propensity for self-development. They always come to us with new ideas and are always happy to listen to our ideas.
  • Operational technical support in Moscow with the departure of specialists to the site.
  • Good value for money, using a standard "hardware".
Nikolay Polukhin, Deputy Head of the Central Hardware and Broadcast Automation Department of NTV TV channel
Our friendship and business cooperation with HTS began during a very interesting period in the life of the TV channel "Russia 24" in 2013. At this time, the channel's employees had to switch from the NCPower program preparation and layout system to a more modern one running the DALET software.

The question of choosing and putting into operation a system of police recording and monitoring of the news broadcast has been a long time ago, since with the development of television complexes, the usual recording of the broadcast and negotiations in the director's office no longer satisfied either the technical services or the employees of the TV channel when analyzing emergency situations. Time required a system with the ability to record the work of individual key points of the technological process.

The system of police recording and monitoring of the news broadcast offered by HTS has fully satisfied our requirements and has become an integral tool in the work of technical services. At the stage of implementation of DALET, the employees of the TV channel "Russia 24", conducting an analysis based on the system data, decided to partially change some technological processes to optimize the work of the production teams.

At the moment, the system is also installed in the broadcasting complex of federal news programs "Vesti". This complex system is created so simply that it does not cause any problems when analyzing emergency situations and its technical support. Moreover, we know that in the event of serious problems, the highly qualified team of HTS is ready to lend its hand of assistance in the shortest possible time.

It should be noted that HTS is not limited to one system, but constantly offers new developments in the field of television broadcasting. Meetings with the company's employees and their presentations are always interesting and informative.

We hope that business cooperation and strong friendship will always continue. Good luck, we wish you success!!!

Andrey Kazykin, deputy head of the production and technical complex on the TV channel "Russia 24"

HTS TV Monitoring — broadcast recording without restrictions
Record, view, and export TV content from an unlimited number of video and audio channels
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