Our company has been developing specialized software for TV production for more than 15 years. We offer simple and convenient solutions aimed at both large TV companies and small regional TV studios. When installing our products, we take into account the features and nuances of each specific installation.

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That is why our solutions simply and efficiently integrate into the existing production process and make it more efficient. We build products on our own technology platform, HTS Media Platform, using open IT technologies. We pay special attention to the quality of technical support and never leave the client alone with their problem.
HTS has been developing specialized software for TV production for more than 15 years
HTS's clients include almost all of Russia's leading federal TV channels
HTS records and monitors more than 800 media channels in Russia and the CIS countries
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I would like to emphasize the importance of the presence of HTS colleagues during the launch and thank them for advising our employees during the most important first hours of the project. In addition, I would like to point out that the software solution that HTS has provided to us is user-friendly and very innovative. This solution meets all the requirements that arise during long and complex reality projects.

For several months of the project, HTS specialists provided prompt assistance, and were in touch almost around the clock. This was very important for the successful completion of our project. The HTS team was very quick to respond to any problem that occurred and fix it, which gave us a sense of security and care.

We look forward to work with HTS on the next project. Stability, reliability, and a positive attitude are the best words to briefly describe the experience of working with colleagues from HTS.

Draga Polovina, producer of the reality show BAR
We have been working with HTS since about 2005, i.e. for more than 15 years. Together, we have gone from simple recording of broadcast signals to a convenient tool for analytics and working with various important production parameters – volume level, subtitle control, labels, etc.

According to the results of the long-term evolution of the system, at the moment, Smart Air means record 12 HD-SDI channels and additional IP channels (cameras, screenshots, negotiations). It also controls the "color" of SCTE labels, volume, subtitles, and for analytics, a detailed analysis of metadata is available in conjunction with the broadcast schedule. All this data is available through a convenient web interface, which has helped to effectively organize remote work of employees during the pandemic. Also, a very popular feature was the ability to automatically send a mandatory copy to the GTRF.

What can we say about the HTS team:
  • A reliable partner whose systems work for the most demanding customers.
  • A professional, experienced team that has not failed in difficult situations for all 15 years of work.
  • Willingness to refine the product to meet the new requirements of the TV channel and the company's propensity for self-development. They always come to us with new ideas and are always happy to listen to our ideas.
  • Operational technical support in Moscow with the departure of specialists to the site.
  • Good value for money, using a standard "hardware".
Nikolay Polukhin, Deputy Head of the Central Hardware and Broadcast Automation Department of NTV TV channel
Our friendship and business cooperation with HTS began during a very interesting period in the life of the TV channel "Russia 24" in 2013. At this time, the channel's employees had to switch from the NCPower program preparation and layout system to a more modern one running the DALET software.

The question of choosing and putting into operation a system of police recording and monitoring of the news broadcast has been a long time ago, since with the development of television complexes, the usual recording of the broadcast and negotiations in the director's office no longer satisfied either the technical services or the employees of the TV channel when analyzing emergency situations. Time required a system with the ability to record the work of individual key points of the technological process.

The system of police recording and monitoring of the news broadcast offered by HTS has fully satisfied our requirements and has become an integral tool in the work of technical services. At the stage of implementation of DALET, the employees of the TV channel "Russia 24", conducting an analysis based on the system data, decided to partially change some technological processes to optimize the work of the production teams.

At the moment, the system is also installed in the broadcasting complex of federal news programs "Vesti". This complex system is created so simply that it does not cause any problems when analyzing emergency situations and its technical support. Moreover, we know that in the event of serious problems, the highly qualified team of HTS is ready to lend its hand of assistance in the shortest possible time.

It should be noted that HTS is not limited to one system, but constantly offers new developments in the field of television broadcasting. Meetings with the company's employees and their presentations are always interesting and informative.

We hope that business cooperation and strong friendship will always continue. Good luck, we wish you success!!!

Andrey Kazykin, deputy head of the production and technical complex on the TV channel "Russia 24"

We have been working with HTS since 2015 on the Dom-2 project, before that we did several other reality projects together. In 2015, they finalized their solution to meet the needs of our site. At the moment, the system works perfectly, it takes into account all the interface wishes of the editors. Moreover, the same solution worked perfectly on the Seychelles project in the conditions of the island and on the shooting on the yacht.

Separately, I would like to note the quality of HTS technical support. Despite the agreed terms of the support team (working days), the company's specialists help on weekends and holidays and never leave us without solving problems. Moreover, in the conditions of shooting 24/7, it is especially important to be confident in the contractors and have a well-established communication.

Alexey Maksimishin, Deputy Technical Director of the reality show "Dom-2"

Since the introduction of file delivery of broadcasts on the air, the Channel One has been looking for software to control this process. The transition to files radically changed the technology of pre-broadcast preparation of programs. Now you can work on content in parallel.

In 2017, HTS, with the participation of the Channel One, developed the Smart Media software, which provides various services with access to content and ensures the integration of all bases of the on-air complex.

Smart Media software provides tools for preparing video content for the air. Smart Media manages the delivery of the video file using ASPERA FASPEX technology, creates a proxy copy and provides normalization and automatic quality control with the generation of a report on the passage of the QC system. In Smart Media, as in a single center, all the information necessary for broadcasting on video material, including a proxy copy, is collected. All services involved in preparing the broadcast for the air receive notifications and can simultaneously prepare the broadcast for the broadcast. For each program there are editorial and technical descriptions of the video sequence, all the key points of the programs that can be used on the air are displayed. Any materials located on the servers of the broadcast complex can be viewed in the built-in player, advertising and graphic points can be placed or changed, which are automatically exported to the broadcast automation software.

Throughout the entire existence of Smart Media, with the emergence of new tasks and optimization of technological processes, the software has been constantly modernized, making the work of employees more convenient and making it possible for a large number of employees to simultaneously work with materials to enter various descriptive metadata. The addition of new functionality, requested by the Channel One, always took place promptly, taking into account all our wishes. When discussing the implementation of our technical specifications, HTS programmers constantly offered interesting, non-trivial solutions that allow us to perform complex tasks.

The use of Smart Media at all stages of pre-broadcast preparation has significantly optimized the work of all divisions of the broadcast complex, making it more transparent and efficient.

Igor Evgenievich Yadykin, Deputy Head of the Technical Development Department of the General Producer's Service on the Channel One

Our TV stations Prva and B92 are a part of Kopernikus media group located in Serbia and we are broadcasting total of 8 channels.

We bought HTS logging system (two recording servers with 4 inputs per unit) at the beginning of 2021. Initial request was to record 2 terrestrial channels with national coverage and 6 thematic cable channels (4 channels at each of two server), with the possibility to keep the recordings for 45 days, which is slightly longer than the legally prescribed 30 days.

Channels are recorded in HD resolution. Special requirements were that the system automatically retrieves as-run logs from our Grass Valley (former Snell or SAM) Morpheus Playout system, which was realized by HTS engineers, as well as to enable export files in the Windows Media codec because of specification of the local regulatory body. The default mp4 export is very fast, while Windows media export is significantly slower, which was the reason why an export and conversion workstation has been added to the existing recording servers.

We are satisfied with the stable operation of the system and the speed and quality of response of HTS support, most problems were resolved on the same day they were reported.

Milutin Ćuković, Master Control Chief


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