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Shooting Technology
— Card Ingest

Multi-camera shooting - Digitization -Synchronization - Editing project

Card Ingest is an application for syncing multi-camera footage captured on various devices (professional video cameras, GoPro cameras, photo cameras, phones, etc.). At the output of the application, a ready-made project is automatically generated for further editing.

Standard video cameras are no longer mandatory participants in the shooting process. More and more often in our practice, we are faced with the use of cameras, tablets and even phones on the set. The equipment becomes mobile and greatly simplifies the shooting process, but attention, the question:

How can I quickly and efficiently process the footage after shooting and create a ready-made project for transfer to post-production?

We tried to automate this process and make it as technologically advanced as possible. So, you are shooting, and you want to start working on synchronizing some of the footage without wasting time. Your actions:

Open the Card Ingest app.

Connect the SD card with the footage to your computer or laptop.

Set the initial digitization parameters (formats, initial timecode, etc.).

Copy media files to a mobile disk with the creation of a project for editing.

Repeat the steps for all the footage.

Send the finished project of your shooting day to the editing station.


  • A lot of time saved.
  • Minimization of the human factor during manual digitization.
  • Save on the salary of editors: Card Ingest is simple and clear for assistants.
  • Significant cost savings when shooting on-site-minus the hotel and moving.
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