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Reality show

"Dom-2" - a reality show with a multi-million audience, one of the most popular in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Dom-2 is a reality show with a multi-million audience, one of the most popular in Russia and Eastern Europe. Filming takes place simultaneously at three remote sites around the clock. More than 50 cameras are involved. More than 30 hours of source material are recorded each day. In this situation, effective and fast navigation through the footage is especially important.

HTS Production technology allows you to create descriptions of video streams directly during filming. The editor adds the necessary descriptions to the generated video stream in real time, using a tag system. The HTS Logger app allows you to set up to 20 tag categories. This creates a detailed structure of descriptive data. The next step is rough editing.

The HTS Spotter application is a simple and intuitive set of tools for rough editing, allows you to perform a contextual search through the entire structure of descriptive data and select the necessary fragments to create plots, while working with the material is possible during recording. Using HTS Spotter logs and tags makes it easier to navigate through the video and find the necessary episodes.

Descriptions and draft versions of the stories are transmitted to the AVID editing stations, where the master series is created in high resolution. At any time, the editor has access to all the project logs and videos via a web client running on the workstation along with AVID.

HTS Production also allows you to create text reports, which can include logs and a screenshot of the event, descriptions of scenes with their timecode points. HTS Production technology is used daily on the Dom-2 project. As of June 2016, more than 150,000 hours of material have been recorded and more than 4,000 masters have been assembled.
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