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NTV — Transcript

Original task:

Specifically for the NTV channel, we have developed a solution for the editorial staff of the transcription and subtitling department - HTS Transcriber. The main purpose is to prepare text descriptions for the channel's journalists.

With the help of HTS Transcriber technology, the editor of the transcription department can choose a media clip for individual work on creating text descriptions, as well as for collaboration with colleagues. A specially designed command decryption mode allows multiple editors to simultaneously work with a single media file, which is often used during live broadcasts with key personalities of the country, when it is fundamentally important for TV channel journalists to get the decryption as quickly as possible. According to statistics, the use of HTS Transcriber allows you to get ready recorded material in 10-15 minutes after the end of the interview. All text descriptions are saved in a Dalet-compatible XML format.
The application includes 2 main workflows:

  • Transcription of independent clips - the ability to view and transcribe individual clips, generate results in the form of XML.
  • Integration with the Dalet system – the ability to import clips from the Dalet news preparation system, export the decryption results in XML format supported by the Dalet system

In both cases, it is possible to work individually or jointly on the transcription of a single clip.

NEW! In January 2020, we updated the program interface. Now employees of the NTV subtitle department can work with video files with multi-channel audio and with growing files.
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