Applied in the project: Smart Media

Smart Media

As part of the project, a universal Smart Media portal was built, which allows producers of programs for NTV to register, describe, check the technical quality and deliver media files with programs to the channel's Program Directorate for subsequent broadcast or archiving. Work is possible both within the NTV corporate network and via the public Internet. The Smart Media solution is based on our development - the file sharing system (SFO), which has been successfully integrated into the work processes of another federal channel.

Business benefits:

  • time reduction: automating the process of delivering broadcasts from producers to the broadcast complex and managing them within the company;
  • simplify the workflow: interactive online interaction between the producer of the broadcast program and the TV channel services;
  • the SmartMedia system can be used as a video file delivery system in conjunction with MAM from a third manufacturer, or as a single system for file delivery and management without the participation of third systems.

In the new version of the solution, the user interface has been improved, and a kanban board has been added-a display mode in which the entire process of working with video files is divided into user-configurable stages. As in the file sharing system, Smart Media uses the technology of flexible workflow configuration-Business Process Management (BPM), which allows you to manage the use of existing and new technical resources-services: conversion of Telestream Vantage file formats, the ORBOX video file quality control system, the DALET Media asset Management system.

As a result, a workflow was built that allows the producer of the program, regardless of their location (you only need an Internet connection), to open the web interface of the system, find the unique identifier of the program to be broadcast, attach a video file with the master version of the broadcast or archive program, and perform a secure content transfer. The video file sent by the manufacturer is available to various departments of the TV channel thanks to the multiplatform video web player of the HTS SmartMedia system.
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