Applied in the project: HTS TVM

The Сhannel One DIP
(Directorate of Information Programs)

Since 2008, the HTS TVM control recording system has been used in the Channel One news production complex. The main tasks of the system are:

  • recording of news studios program outputs for subsequent analysis by creative teams;
  • recording images from the screens of control workstations to identify possible technical failures;
  • recording of conversations and multiple cameras in the control rooms for monitoring the actions of employees and qualified analysis of emergency situations.

In total, the system records, stores, and provides authorized access to more than 150 media streams in various formats. At the same time, a synchronized view of any combination of recorded materials is available in the client application. Both a full-featured Windows client application and a simple web client that does not require installation are available for users.

Technically, the system is deployed on 4 recording servers and one storage and export server, which operate continuously around the clock. Over the course of its operation, the system has undergone several upgrades, both to expand the hardware and to improve the functionality of the software.
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