Used in the project: HTS TVM, HTS Smart Air

PD Channel One
(Program Directorate)

The broadcast of the Channel One has always been one of the most dynamic and complex in terms of the broadcast schedule. The complexity and speed of changes were supplemented by specific requirements of state authorities to control the volume, the number of ad blocks, and others. The changed conditions required the creation of a new tool for analyzing the past air in terms of existing and future changes and restrictions. The process of creating such a tool, taking into account the coordination of the functionality, the development of the software product and its implementation took a little less than a year. As a result of this work, a new product appeared: Smart Air.

Smart Air is based on the HTS TVM control recording solution and a specially designed system for collecting and organizing descriptive data. As a result, the entire functionality of the control recording is combined in one product – video, sound, subtitles, volume, regional advertising cut-in labels, as well as information about programs – an accurate program release schedule, descriptive data for each broadcast segment, displaying information about ratings and viewing, information about advertising and promo. A single tool combined information that was previously available from various sources and significantly simplified the task of post-broadcast analytics and reporting.

Technically, the deployment of Smart Air required a single server on the Windows platform, all work is carried out through a technological network.
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