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Channel One
Smart Media

The HTS solution for managing the video files of the Proxy broadcast complex, which works on the Channel One, has become part of an innovative file exchange project. During the design process of the solution, the Proxy system was expanded and upgraded to be able to work with a large number of simultaneously incoming video files.

As a result, the workflow was built. It allows the producer of the broadcast, regardless of their location (you only need to connect the workstation to the public Internet), to open the web interface of the system, find the unique identifier of the airing program, attach a video file with the master version of the broadcast program, and perform a secure content transfer. The video file sent by the manufacturer is available to various departments of the TV channel, thanks to the multiplatform video player of the HTS Proxy system.

The result of the work of the customer, the integrator and the manufacturers on the task was a project that incorporated the latest (IT and TV) hardware and software technical solutions and can rightly be considered innovative. The built workflow allows the customer to carry out fast and transparent delivery of programs from producers to the broadcast complex and their management within the company. It is important that each stage of the workflow is recorded during delivery, as well as the possibility of interactive on-line interaction between the producer of the broadcast program and the TV channel services is provided. The most important result of the project was the improvement of the quality of broadcast programs and the possibility of dynamic changes in the broadcast network of the channel.

HTS is proud to participate in such a significant project. We plan to further develop our solutions and maintain them at the modern technological level. Special thanks to the Channel One and our partner - the company "Window-TV" for the trust and effective work within the project.
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