Applied in the project: HTS TVM

RT (Russia Today)
TV channel

At the launch of the new RT HD broadcasting complex, the task of recording and long-term storage of the broadcast of the main RT news channels, including language versions, was set. The recording of the broadcast was to be guaranteed, with minimal flow, but with a quality suitable for subsequent reuse in the RT production process. Based on the results of selecting a solution for this task, the RT technical management chose the HTS TVM solution, which provided the necessary functionality and, importantly, used only standard IT equipment, which significantly reduced the cost of support and subsequent development.

According to the results of numerous tests, the h.264 codec with a stream of 8 Mbps was chosen as the recording and storage format. Disk arrays and a compact tape library are used for storage. Taking into account the efficiency of working processes in news production, the solutions in the HTS TVM export module were changed to ensure the fastest possible delivery of selected segments of material to the Dalet and AVID production complexes. In fact, when exporting, segments are quickly assembled along the boundaries of the formed GOP, the speed of such export is close to the speed of copying a media file over a technological network.
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