Applied in the project: Smart Air

Smart Air

Original task:

Deploy a complex of police broadcast recording for 8 SDI channels, 7 IP streams, 10 screencasts (images from monitors) and 10 audio (service conversations). The required storage period of the material is 1 month. The control record should have built-in analytical modules for detailed viewing of the broadcast records. The channel uses the Pebble Beach broadcast automation system. It is also necessary to provide advanced export with multiple transcoding profiles.

Our solution:

For this installation, the Smart Air control recording and analytics system was selected. Taking into account the possible expansion of the complex, it was proposed to expand the number of SDI channels to 12, for which they decided to use 3 DekTec DTA 2154 video capture cards. The solution was placed on 6 servers that record and store all the necessary data sources (SD channels, cameras, images from monitors, service conversations) 24/7. Screencasts and audio channels are recorded by a hardware encoder that generates video and audio streams in IP format. All media data is available for viewing in synchronous mode within a few seconds after recording.
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